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A celebration of the Australian spirit

The fragrance of Australia is as much a part of its essence as the vast blue coastlines, the thick forests and the seemingly unending red dust plains. Yet few luxury perfume brands have sought to capture this spirit, before Goldfield & Banks Australia.

Our Australian perfume is meticulously crafted in consultation with a Melbourne based 5th generation French perfumer from Grasse. Bringing extensive knowledge of French fragrance méthodologies, we extract the most vital essences from Australia’s unique flowers, bark, moss, leaves and seeds.

Each perfume is blended using the finest ingredients gathered from across the world to create a true olfactory journey for the curious explorer.


Capturing the essence of Australia

Velvet Splendour

Velvet Splendour is like holding a large bunch of sunburnt wildflowers in both arms and pressing one’s face gently into it. An impressionist’s painting of a long drive through the open, breezy and cloudless countryside.

The mimosa (wattle) tree bursting into bloom, marking the first sign of spring in Australia. Soft yellows are shaded against blue skies. The first inhale is an immediate mix of green stems, yellow blooms, cool air and warm light.

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Southern Bloom

Southern Bloom honours the rare and enchanting native scented flower, the Boronia during its short September ‘spring-bloom’, on Australia’s southernmost island, Bruny off the coast of Tasmania.

An immediately lavish, pure and sensational floral-woody fragrance, with a smooth, velvety sensation and glimpses of exquisite green notes. Opulent, sophisticated and luxurious.

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Wood Infusion

A luxe oriental scent surrounded by an elixir of rich woods, buttery roots and aromatic notes.

Inspired by the lush nature of the balmy heritage listed Fraser Island in the Pacific Ocean, Wood Infusion is a celebration of all wood species found around the island. This fragrance is an exotic infusion of Australian woods enriched with Sandalwood Album, Iris and velvety Agarwood (Oud Wood).

This unique combination offers men and women a sensation of a creamy, rich scent crafted from nature’s most noble botanicals.

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White Sandalwood

Deep in the dry heart of Australia, mountain ranges rise and burn a fiery orange under a clear, cobalt sky. In this seemingly impossible region, endless plains of Australian white sandalwood grow from the red dust, their branches snaking upwards as if reaching for the expanse of blue above.

Our Santalum spicatum, or White Sandalwood, grows in the driest, most remote regions of the Kununurra goldfields. Each tree is matured for upwards of a decade before being distilled for its creamy, light amber essence.

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Blue Cypress

The heart of Kakadu hums with a mystic energy, drawn from thousands of years of stories that are still shared today to all who seek them out. Those stories reveal themselves in the extremes of the landscape – the searing heat and monsoonal rains, the rough, dry plains and cascading waterfalls.

From this mysterious l, nd we draw the enigmatic Blue Cypress essence. Grey-blue cypress trees are distilled to extract a sparkling cobalt blue essence that casts a woody, smoky aroma.

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Pacific Rock Moss

The sun gently warms the calm lagoons and bays of the southern Australian coastline. A sparkling azure, they host a dazzling array of sea life. Gripping the rock walls, fresh moss holds the secrets of this undersea world. We carefully harvest this rock moss and gently extract the essence using French methodologie to create a fresh, light scent.

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Desert Rosewood

A dappled sunlight breaks through the high canopy of the forest, casting a gentle glow that hangs upon the fresh undergrowth. Ancient eucalypt and rosewood trees stand tall and rigid, as they have for hundreds of years.

In the dry forest regions of Victoria, buddha wood or desert rosewood, is sustainably harvested. The wood bark is distilled to extract a rich copper essence that reveals a creamy, warm, woody note.

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